VI Peel

VI Peels improve skin texture and signs of aging with moderate-depth chemical peels. A combination of salicylic acid, TCA, and phenol makes up the formula. By penetrating your epidermis, the VI peel reaches your dermis underneath. Using the VI Peel, you will be able to exfoliate your skin and stimulate protein synthesis, similar to other chemical peels. Skin types of all types can benefit from VI Peels, which improve skin texture, treat signs of aging, and correct pigmentary problems. A VI Peel is gentle and safe and can be used on your face, chest, back, eyelids, or hands. For optimal results, we recommend a VI Peel three to four times a year.

VI Peels are ideal for people who want to

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Most frequent questions and answers

While VI Peels combine the strongest and most effective acids, they are virtually painless and require little recovery time. The VI Peel contains a unique combination of ingredients compared to other chemical peels.

The VI Peel is most effective on patients with fair to medium skin which have acne scars or mild skin damage. Patients with pigmentation problems, causing uneven skin tone, can also benefit from it.

In about four days, your skin will return to its natural pH, and you will be able to see the final results. The end result of the VI Peel will be a more radiant and luminous appearance to your skin.

The results of VI Peels usually last for three to four months, but with proper skincare, the results may last longer.