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We provide virtual (Zoom or telephone) visits/consults for appropriate concerns, such as primary care concerns, hormone therapy, infertility, COVID, mental health concerns, aesthetic informational visits, etc.


You will see a change in the quality of your skin as you age. You begin to lose your skin’s firm, fresh, youthful condition as you develop lines and wrinkles. As you age, your concept of self can change....


Excess hair growth is a concern for many people. Waxing, shaving, and tweezing are painful, time-consuming, and expensive, requiring constant maintenance....


EvolveX transforms total body remodeling into a hands-free platform that takes it to the next level. Key Wellness can help patients who are seeking non-invasive treatments for non-excisional....


We pride ourselves on having compassion, knowledge, and experience. We have provided care to couples for two decades spanning across the region. We have helped thousands of babies......


The Lumecca IPL by InMode is a non-invasive and safe treatment option for sun-damaged skin. During this treatment, the skin is exposed to the most powerful IPL (intense pulsed light)....


Our skin takes a toll from the sun and signs of aging signs as we age. Everyone wants their skin to look youthful and radiant whenever possible. Key Wellness can help you restore....


When it comes to fighting facial aging, Versa is the answer you need. Versa injections may be the perfect luxury injectable for you if your facial skin loses its supple quality and develops....


Makes your lashes and eyebrows look longer, darker, and thicker! It can be used even if you have had previous eye surgeries. Percentage of participants who experienced an improvement in.....


Revitalize your skin. Best-selling anti-aging skincare routine lifts, firms, and sculpts while minimizing the appearance of lines and deep wrinkles. Keeps skin bright and beautiful....


Votiva is a non-invasive treatment for remodeling the tissues of the vagina and labia that reverses the damage caused by the passage of time and childbirth. With our Votiva treatment...

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Logo | Key Wellness | Crosslake, MN

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Logo | Key Wellness | Crosslake, MN

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