We pride ourselves on having compassion, knowledge, and experience. We have provided care to couples for two decades spanning across the region. We have helped thousands of babies into this world.

Consult: We will sit down and discuss the causes of infertility, what you have done, and review what needs to be evaluated further. We ultimately want to keep the process as simple as possible, but the goal is a baby!

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: This is a common challenge to many women to conceive; we diagnose and treat this to get your cycles regular.

Endometriosis: This often is a painful disorder that can cause difficulties conceiving.

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss is tragic for most couples; we try to understand why this is happening and try to prevent another tragic loss from happening again. We offer support and reassurance throughout the pregnancy.


Ultrasounds are performed to examine your uterine lining and ovaries and assess for uterine fibroids. This includes follicle studies to monitor your response to medications.


We will assess your hormones, ovarian reserve, and response during ovarian stimulation.

Genetic screening

Genetic screening can be performed on couples through lab work.


This is an endometrial biopsy performed in the office timed during a natural cycle.

Semen analysis

Semen analysis can be performed from the comfort of your own home. Male factor infertility is common and an important component of a full evaluation.

Ovulation Stimulation

We use both oral and injectable medications for ovulation stimulation keeping things as simple and cost-effective as possible. Medications commonly used are Metformin, Ovasitol, Femara, Clomid, Fenopur, Follistim, Fonal f, and Bravelle

Intrauterine Insemenation (IUI)

After ovulation stimulation, this is performed in the office and follicle study in the office with either fresh or frozen semen.

Invitro Fertilization (IVF)

This is performed in conjunction with a reproductive endocrinologist, we provide monitoring throughout the cycle and early pregnancy ultrasound. We provide services with Donor eggs, Gestational Carriers, and surrogates as well.
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