Body Contouring/Fat Treatment

EvolveX transforms total body remodeling into a hands-free platform that takes it to the next level. Key Wellness can help patients who are seeking non-invasive treatments for non-excisional alternatives to remodel skin, treat fat, sculpt abdomens, lift buttocks, and tone hips. This all-in-one platform delivers multiple technologies in one system to remodel skin, target adipose tissue, and tone muscles.

TONE Customizable Hands-Free Skin Remodeling

TONE Customizable Hands-Free Skin Remodeling TONE transforms skin and improves its appearance through the use of RF energy. Eight hands-free applicators deliver uniform and volumetric heating to the skin & sub-dermal layer for customized pain-free solutions.

What Can It Treat?
Body Shaping (Non-Invasive)

TITE Customizable Hands-Free Skin Remodeling

The TITE skin remodeling system uses RF energy to remodel skin and improve its appearance. Providing customized pain-free patient solutions, the 8 hands-free applicators heat the skin and sub-dermal layer uniformly and in a volumetric fashion.

What Can It Treat?
Body Shaping (Non-Invasive)

TRANSFORM Customizable Hands-Free Skin Remodeling

With the TRANSFORM system, two procedures can be performed at once. The use of bipolar radiofrequency energy (RF) for deep heating of dermal and adipose tissue, as well as electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), provides a synergistic layering treatment that delivers consistent transformational results.

What Can It Treat?
Body Shaping (Non-Invasive)

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Most frequent questions and answers
With EvolveX, you can transform total body remodeling and take it to a whole new level. Patients continue to seek non-invasive treatments at unprecedented levels post-lockdown, seeking non-excisional alternatives for sculpting the abdomen, lifting buttocks, and toning the hips.

A body-contouring system like this can help active people with difficulty reaching their goals through diet and exercise.

This body contouring system offers so many different benefits. It makes it possible for you to achieve body goals you might have thought were insurmountable. Additionally, it provides you with quick and painless treatments that are non-invasive and non-surgical.

This body contouring system offers the benefit of no downtime with its treatments. Once your treatment is over, you’ll be able to go about your day as usual. There will be no limitations, restrictions, or aftercare instructions.
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